Premium samples "Autumn Flowers"

Hello girls!
Today I come to show you the monthly box of premium samples "Fall Flowers", this is the box for premium samples what I liked the most and also everything they have sent are real size ole and ole!
In one of the bags comes Truvia and Mister conr Eastern flavors and flavors from Thailand.
Truvia: is a sweetener with 0 calories of natural origin. The box has 80 envelopes.
- Oriental flavors Mister Corn ; the crunchy and tasty corn, with almonds and harissa sauce, in the purest Arab style. This has already fallen and that's great!
- Tastes of Thailand Miser Corn: assortment with cashews and an authentic taste of nasi and satay sauce.
In another of the bags comes:
- Biscuits Sesame flavor vanilla "without sugars" GERBLE , are cookies to help reduce the consumption of sugars. With sesame seeds and slightly vanilla.
- Biscuits cake & choc MILKA, spongy biscuits with heart and nuggets of the milka milka's mildest chocolate.
the last bag comes feminine cosmetics :
- Perfect cosmetic Cottage shower gel, mine is strawberry-mint and smells wonderful.
- LA CHINATA: lips and nose repair balm: with olive oil and other natural ingredients that repairs, protects and instantly soothes dry and irritated areas of the face. I have several chinata products and I love them, I hope this is just as good.
This little box has a price of 15.91 €.
What do you think about this monthly box preciospremium ? Kisses