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We have worked extremely hard to deliver high quality services Introducing Ivy Nail Spa 's Massage Pedicure & Pamper Manicure This is perfect for Gentlemen, Ladies, or Children to improve Health. These treatments will relieve stress and tension from your daily life. Please sit back, enjoy, relax and let us pamper youWe will pamper you with all natural, exotic, plant extracts, and essential oils to not only help you physically, but to also help you mentally, and spiritually for you to find your perfect equilibrium for your body and mind. Organic spa treatments are accompanied by products that are made up of high quality, natural, safe, and familiar ingredients so you are assured to receive the best.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we try to completely accommodate all of your needs in an atmosphere of innovation and excellence. Without our guests we could not live out our passion, and as a result offer a variety services and wide range of products that allow us to meet the individual needs of every guest.

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2909 Elida Rd, Lima, OH 45805




Steffany R.

Wait was long but I was a walk-in on a Saturday afternoon, so what do you expect? Everyone was very nice and the guy who did my nails was amazing. Plus they sat you in the pedi chair quickly while you wait and offer you beverages.I'm mostly writing this review because I sat next to this woman who sat next to me for the last hour with her two children who were getting pedi's and designs. She had price lists beside her the entire time, one time I even handed her a price list while she was deciding on her services. The technician who was with her kids was so sweet and nice and she worked her butt off for them, promising that she won't hurt them and agreeing to redo designs when they complained. Well when she brought the woman her receipt she went bananas and started yelling at the girl about how ridiculous it was and how she'll never come back because it was so expensive. She told her daughters after the technician left that their nails do look really nice and it's not their fault. Then she announced loudly "let's just leave. I'm just going to rip my nails off! I'm going to rip them off!" The technician was more patient than I would have been and offered a discount, which I don't think I would have, it wasn't her fault. My point is you get what you pay for, and their prices are widely advertised and they (especially the technician) did not deserve this woman's hissy fit.


None O.

The owners of this establishment are jerks as is evidenced by the fact that they drunkenly set off very loud fireworks in my neighborhood at 10:50pm on July 3rd, even after I asked them to stop because it was upsetting my 9 month old baby and our dog.I will never frequent this establishment again due to the childish,  drunken behavior of the owners tonight.


Ramsey B.

I literally go to ivy nails as a last resort, this is why... I went in because all other salons were busy, I got gel nails and when he put the gel on it started peeling off right away so he went to get a new bottle, should have known then to just leave instead of paying for trash nails. I left with my nails as pictured, crooked as hell. I had to go home and fix them myself... I honestly could have done a better job altogether and it would have been MUCH cleaner. They dont use new products, which btw is a health code violation.Update to next week: And i swear the gel came off of 2 nails already and 3 nails have fallen off.. this is why they lost all of their business. I also realized why they lost all of their good nail techs.. there's a bunch of young disrespectful girls working in there. They all talk down to the owner and have no filter on their mouths.Needless to say next time I'll wait and go somewhere else.


Shelly S.

What a joke for pedi or mani. The employees act like it's a pain for them to be there. Most importantly, poor work. I could have done better doing my own nails.  Big waste of .


Brittany C.

I had terrible service at this salon my nails we're too thick.. the guy that did them was rushing way to much and was way too rough with my fingers.. the nails did not turn out good at all I don't have a picture because I hurried up and went somewhere else to get them fixed.. this nail salon sucks


Becky K.

Great place to go especially if you want fast service. We walked in on a Thursday evening and waited maybe 5 minutes. The girls were friendly and very good. We were there for about an hour and was able to leave. My girl used a fast drying polish on my toes that dried them almost instantly and didn't mess up at all. They were clean, friendly, inexpensive, and did a great job! The massage part on my feet was amazing!! If I lived closer I would go back frequently!


Ambyr R.

Love love love coming to see Taylor here to get my nails done. Want your nails on point? Make an appt with this gal and add a little self care to your life so you're feeling yourself till it's time for a nail fill.


Kay M.

I stopped in during lunch time for a regular pedicure. The man I had used the cheese grater style foot file and ended up scratching my ankle up with it, also did not use any scrub on my feet. At the end he went between me and another client, coming back to put extra layers of polish on me, and starting her pedicure. I left with wet nails since he did 5 coats. I was very unsatisfied.


Lydia H.

Yesterday, I went to Ivy Nail Salon in Lima hoping to treat myself to a manicure, which I've done only two times before in my life. My natural nails were healthy and long, but needed shaping and cuticle work. I'd had a shellac done once before in Michigan, and decided that I wanted the advertised shellac manicure, which I told the receptionist and the nail tech. I asked several questions, including whether or not I could have a tip with a different color if I got a shellac manicure. I was told yes, but a tip (line at the edge of my nails in polish/shellac/whatever) would be extra. I agreed, and picked my color from the basket the receptionist handed me, which I assumed were the shellac colors (turned out they were the gel polishes, which I learned AFTER I paid). When the tech began, I was not asked to wash my hands or soak them, which I thought was strange with a manicure. He informed me that I didn't need a manicure, because my cuticles looked good. "Are you sure? I really wanted them done, they look like they need help." No, when I put the shellac over you won't be able to see the cuticles anyway, and I've seen worse. Communication was admittedly difficult, especially when from behind his mask. I nodded my head and watched as he sanded down my natural nails. In the beginning, I thought he was applying a shellac, but somehow during the process my order of "shellac manicure" morphed into "full set of acrylics." I should've known when he clipped my real nails that my shellac was not happening. My nails were cut straight across and left jagged (as seen in the pictures) and tips were added. "Okay this isn't what you wanted at first, but here we are," I thought to myself. I figured that the tips would be covered with shellac or something (again, I don't know anything about nail treatments), but found that I was getting some kind of pink powder over my nails that he said people really liked. My nails were roughly filed with the tips on and some skin even ripped off from one nail, and they were left unevenly shaped. I'd mentioned that the filing hurt, but no effort was made to be gentle in the interest of time. To add insult to injury, the color I picked from the display was three shades lighter when applied to my nails, becoming a pale granny-esque lavender. I was told that I wanted gel polish because it lasts longer and dries quicker, although I think the speed was more for their benefit and not mine. I wouldn't have said yes if I had known it would cost me more. I was asked to pay halfway through the appointment because the receptionist was organizing receipts. I was told the bill would be (about with tax and a tip), which was a far cry from the + tips I'd thought I was getting. I left bewildered and defeated, upset with myself for having spent at a salon for nails that not only look awful, but hurt, too. I could accept the fact that a heavy communication barrier and my own confusion led me to purchase a pricier procedure than I had wanted, but I couldn't accept how terrible they looked and felt. If the nails at least looked nice, I wouldn't have been upset (after all, I had admitted I knew nothing about nails). My fingers throbbed the entire night, and I slept with a bag of ice on my fingers to try to alleviate the pain. I figured that since the work was rushed and careless that the manager would be able to see it as clear as day if I went in for a refund.*Today, I went back to the salon today to speak with a manager, and was extremely disappointed by the utter lack of professionalism from start to finish. I approached the counter, which had no receptionists behind it like the day before. I quietly told the manager (who was with a client the entire time) that I wasn't happy with my nails and that they were causing me discomfort and I would like a refund. I initially didn't want to talk around other customers, but it was immediately clear that she would not wait until she was finished to speak with me. She glanced at my nails for a second and said that she saw nothing wrong with them. I told her that they were hurting my fingers and many people had commented on how bad they looked. As customers looked on, the manager abruptly told me that she could not give me a refund because the tech had provided me with his time and it was a service, not a good. She told me to sit down beside her client, and she would fix them. I told her I did not want to have them done at this salon again, but I did sit down across from her. The tech who did my nails was sitting next to her, also with a client the entire time. I informed them that I really wasn't satisfied and that I didn't believe it was worth and I was disappointed that it was so rushed. Over and over the tech and the manager insisted that I asked for a full set of acrylics.


Debbie S.

First of all they serve alcohol when you get a pedicure!? What!? This is awesome :) the pedicure was good also, I was satisfied!


Shelby G.

I am completely appalled by this business. Yes the place looks nice and the people are nice. But they totally take advantage of their customers. Recommending services or just doing the service without consent and then charging out the ass for something that was never explained. Slowest nail job I've ever received. Plus my acrylic nail was glued on crooked and the lines not smooth. I have glue and acrylic outside of my nail bed. They charged my mom for JUST a pedicure. I live in a big city and I have never paid this much for such poor product. I will NEVER return here or recommended this place again.


Teresa B.

1st time and probably last time, over priced, pushy selling techniques, I still had residue of my old polish she didn't get all off before she painted my toes the new color, some techs were just in a hurry to get off work, most dressed in street clothes, not very professional to say the least, thank goodness I only got a pedicure, my friends did pedi/mani their nail polish was bubbled up by the time we left.


Catherine T.

Worst gel manicure I have EVER had! Let me start by saying that I do not live here, although I visit regularly. I travel all over the world and have gotten manicures in small towns, large metropolitan cities and overseas. So when I say worst ever, that includes a wide sampling of experiences. They absolutely ruined my natural nails with a drill (then argued that they hadn't), soaked my nails in plain water, used no cuticle remover or oil, filed them crooked and jagged, didn't paint them to the edges or tips on some nails and over the edges on others. Then charged .00, I don't pay that in Boston or San Francisco for a far superior job.  I seriously question if my technician is actually licensed. AWFUL experience.


Terry H.

Just moved here from Columbus and this was the worst pedicure I have ever gotten. Girl cut my big toe and after applying the polish it was awful. Not even close to my cuticles looking like I had not had a pedi for months. Will never return to this nail salon.


Thais D.

It was an hour before they were going to close and I had asked if there was enough time for a mani/pedi. The girl at the front said it was no problem but was very pushy about getting shellac polish on nails and toes claiming it would last four weeks. There regular polish colors to pick from are slim to none from a brand of polish I've never heard of. I opted for the shellac since there were more options of red/pink.  An older man proceeded with my pedicure  while yelling in Vietnamese to the other employees. He was so rough with my cuticles and my big two bleed . A women started my nails during all this so I didn't get to relax with the massage chair. She didn't pay much attention to the cuticles and just polished over them with the shellac. I felt super awkward since they were both yelling at each other in Vietnamese. One of the employees started wiping the pedi chairs next to me with windex and playing music on her phone which she sang and danced along to.  The other customer there was not amused and when she left, her tech mocked how she was walking. I won't be back and I wouldn't suggest this place to anyone. They may have a daiquiri machine but they are crazy over priced, not sanitary, and not professional. It's been a week and the shellac on my nails is already chipped and since she painted over my cuticles it'll be all chipped off as they grow out. Disappointed to say the least.


Nicole G.

The worst nail experience to date . I wrote the owners a private message how dissatisfied my service was . Young lady doing my nails thought it was professional to take a mid appointment Arby's break and continues doing my nails with greasy hands . I am still disgusted .

About Ivy Nail Spa and reviewsAbout Ivy Nail Spa and reviewsAbout Ivy Nail Spa and reviewsAbout Ivy Nail Spa and reviewsAbout Ivy Nail Spa and reviewsAbout Ivy Nail Spa and reviewsAbout Ivy Nail Spa and reviewsAbout Ivy Nail Spa and reviews