Perfume Milano

Hello Beauties !!
Today I wanted to tell you about Milano Perfumes , it's a website selling all kinds of perfumes , feminine cosmetics and male ... have a section of offers in which the products have very good prices and also if you follow them on Facebook the shipping costs are a 50% cheaper discount.
You can pay with paypal, which for me is the best form of payment of all.
I show you the things that have sent me from Perfumes milano and I give you my opinion:

Order of perfumes Milano:

Two samples of clinique, you already know that I love the samples for when I go on small trips and I do not want to go with big bottles loaded.

Samples of Bvlgari and Lacoste perfume , both perfumes smell great but if I I had to stay with one I would stay with Bvlgari.

Two samples of Estee Lauder serum and mini sizes, the truth is that I do not usually use these products so I will give it to my mother.

- Two samples of clinical serum , I tell you the same as with the previous one, this type of products because of my age are not for me.

- Samples of perfumes for boy Thierry Mugler and Hugo Boss , both smell of death and my boy loved it.

- Samples of Escada and Alien perfume, in this case I prefer Alien, and that of Escada has always been my favorite perfumes.

- Samples of serum biotherm, this one already had one because it came in the ELLE magazine:

- 2 Minconalas of Lancome cream , have a light texture that I like it a lot. p>

- Organza body cream, It smells great, it's from a French brand and the cream comes scented. When you put it on that day, you do not need to put on perfumes because you smell full.

- Two eye shadows of Lancome in a beautiful blue. Since I have two equals, I'll probably end up giving you one.

- Perfect patent leather bag to store things when I'm traveling.

- And this hat that fits me like a "kick" that If I am clear that next summer I will not burn my face haha.

If you see a hat walking you do not need to ask, that's me.

Does it look good on me? haha, as always I will tell you about them in detail when I spend them.

What do you think about milano perfumes ?

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