Makeup D'orleac economic (Opinion)

Hello girls!
Although this is a beauty blog we almost always talk about cosmetics, however today I would like to tell you about a brand of cheap makeup that calls D'orleac .

Who is behind the makeup brand D'orleac?

For more than 60 years, Fama Fabré has been working with the aim of offering the professional of the personal image the material best suited to your needs, in any of the stages of its development, from the school in which it is formed, until you exercise your profession and your demands grow as your experience increases.
This philosophy is evident in its catalog of articles, with more than four thousand references, which is constantly updated with products of different prices and benefits, but all with a common characteristic: its quality.
Since its foundation, your company offers professionals the most up-to-date products in a tremendously dynamic market.

They travel the world to find the best products from the best suppliers and we also promote our own brands so that, through the invaluable collaboration of our customers, all these items arrive promptly and easily at the hands of their users.

Opinion about the cheap makeup products D'orleac:

The products that I have made D'orleac these are all very well packaged.
MICELAR MAKE-UP REMOVER: is a cleansing tonic for face and eyes. Effectively cleans and degreases the skin without harming it. Especially indicated for sensitive skin. Its size is 200 ml.

My opinion about the D'orleac makeup remover:

I use it by putting a little product on a cotton disc, then I put a disc through the face and the makeup disappears. It is true that in the eyes, it takes a little more to remove the makeup, so we have to pass the makeup disk 2 or 3 times.

It is a product that I like, also lasts a long time , because with a little we have enough.

EYE SHADOW DUO d'orleac is a case that contains two eye shadows, harmonized under professional criteria, to make eye makeup elegant and current. There are 9 references (18 colors) are much prettier than what you see in the images.

The shadows easily come out of the case, so if you want to put them in another palette it will be very simple.

They pigment very well and they are very nice and soft. For me they are shadows of daily use, because they are not very powerful colors.

COLORETE d'orleac in the form of compact powder, silky and soft texture. Its advanced formula gives it a great lightness, a natural or satin finish and long persistence. The integrated mirror, together with the natural hair applicator, allow you to make adjustments at any time. There are 6 shades and this has a beautiful color.

There is a very nice and soft color on the cheeks.

EYE PENCIL KHÔL D'orelac is an eye pencil with very soft texture, very suitable for the inner makeup of the eye. It can also be used to delineate or redefine the shape of the eyes as well as shading the contours. You get any type of makeup from the most sophisticated to the most natural. Easy to apply thanks to the intensity of the coloring and to the soft and comfortable mine that glides effortlessly.

New texture and format with diffuser. There are 15 shades.
This one I have already tried and I am very happy with the look of wonder, although the bad thing is that I see that it lasts very little in the linear of the eye.The treatment of its particles gives it softness and long duration. The formula incorporates hydrating ingredients, to feel fresh and comfortable all day, even in dry skin. It is applied with a tassel, spreading it evenly over the face and neck, very clean. There are 3 tones.

For me it is maybe a bit dark, so I mix it with other makeups. It is a very nice makeup.

Soon I will show you a makeup so you can see how all these act cosmetics.

What did I not like about D'orleac's cheap makeup?

Although the products of makeup d ' orleac I liked them I would recommend to change the courier the package I "got" from buytrago and go bad courier.
En Actually, the package was brought to me by a girl from my town because the gentleman would not want to take me and told her that if she knew me and she brought it to me, of course you can not have more expensive! They pay him for bringing him not to a girl from my town, because this time they gave it to a good person who brought it to me but what would have happened if they gave it to someone who does not want to give it to me? Ah yes I'm left without a package because an incompetent does not want to do his job.
Well this one, they leave it at the neighbor's house that they have done it many times that if I'm not there they should come again but anyway ... at least they've come once ... but giving it to the first one they come across with is that I've been frozen.
What do you think of the D'orleac cosmetics? Did you know this cheap makeup ? Kisses