Types of cellulite, the whole truth about them.

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Today in this beauty blog I'm going to talk about the fearsome cellulite b> and the types of cellulite we can find.To combat celutitis we must first know what type of cellulitis is ours and follow some beauty tricks depending on the area where it comes out.

Where is cellulite located?

- In the thighs, it is usually found double so much the external part as the internal one, and that even if we wear pants, it makes legs a little weird.
- In the hips, we usually get that fat that we commonly call the cartridge belts. Odious, it is rare the woman who gets rid of them.
- In the ankles, called by many the pole leg.
- In the knees, the cellulitis is formed in the external part.
- In the arms, a bulge comes from the shoulder to the elbow.
- In the neck, is usually known because we get a kind of hump. div>
female cellulite

Types of cellulite we can find:

Hard cellulitis:

It is mainly found on the inside of the knee and on the outside of the thighs forming our "beloved" cartridge belts. This type of cellulite is very easy to locate, we just have to press the skin with our fingers and if we observe that this granular is our type of cellulite. In addition with this cellulites tend to leave the dreaded stretch marks.

Edematous cellulitis:

It is less frequent but more difficult to eliminate. It is caused by poor circulation and fluid retention. It usually appears between 20 and 30 years accompanied by cramps and varicose veins. We will find it in the thighs, knees and in the inner part of the thigh.

To locate it we just have to tighten our skin and if we feel it spongy sometimes even with pain that is our type. In addition it can also be recognized because the legs swell, get excessively fat and we are left without shape and will be completely straight.

Soft cellulite:

This type we usually find in sedentary people, those who stop playing sports or those who have sudden drops and rises in weight. Locating it is very easy because it moves when walking. This usually focuses on the thighs and buttocks, but luckily this type of cellulite does not hurt.
These are types of cellulite , whatever you have to keep in mind that to avoid cellulite we must leave the sedentary life, exercise and good nutrition that we will see in another post.
Also the cellulite is also quite related to fluid retention and circulatory problems, which can also lead to the appearance of varicose veins. If you have already left, I recommend you try For varicose veins Menaven gel 1000.
Did you know the types of cellulitis ?