Tonymoly, my opinion about Korean lipsticks

Hello Beauty!
Today I wanted to tell you about a page of Korean cosmetics that most will not know because it is a little difficult to find, is a Korean website called tonymoly as you can imagine has all kinds of Korean cosmetics and makeup at very good prices, compared to the money they ask us here for these products.
My order of cosmetic Tonymoly came to me very quickly and in a very well protected box, so the deal with the web is great.
Being Korean is a bit difficult to buy, but nothing that can not solve a translator, I have installed one that when I enter a page in another language directly translates it.

Labial I have Tonymoly (Korean ?:

These three wonderful and cute lipsticks! They are the # 01 Strawberry, # 03 Apple, # 05 Pear.

So you can see better the flavors and colors of Korean lipstick I put an image of the web:

tonymoly Korean lipstick

What prettier faces, right?

My opinion about Tonymoly's lipsticks:

These Tonymoly lipsticks > leave the lips hydrated and with a very flattering soft color. Just look like you wear color, but your lips are much tastier and more beautiful.

They are ideal to use in our day to day, when we want to go beautiful but it seems that we are not makeup, and if you want to do some gift to a certain friend who is delighted with some of them, because they are very beautiful and fun.

lipstick Korean tonymoly

This is the touch of color, as you can see very subtle.

Korean lipstick tonymoly
What do you think of these Tonymoly lipsticks ? Do you like the Korean cosmetics ?