Manicure with tie

Hello girls!
Today I bring you the step by step of an easy manicure with a bow for both short nails and for long nails, and that will be very good to all.
To make this manicure we need:
- Nail base.
- Light purple enamel.
- Dark lilac enamel.
- Top coat.
1. We paint the nail of a color that we prefer preferably to combine with each other, I have taken a lilac polish, but you can of course choose another one.
 lilac manicure

2. When the enamel is completely dry, we make a small cloud at the end of the nail with the light purple enamel, you can also use a rose.

decorated manicure
3. Simply with a fine brush and a lot of pulse we make a little bow or flower as you want to see, and finally we put the top coat on the nail. easy loop manicure
tie manicure

What do you think about this manicure with bow ? Kisses