Hypopotamic manicure

Hello Beauty!
Today I bring you an easy manicure for short hippopotamus nails> Step by step that anyone can do at home, because this is sucked.

To perform this hippo manicure we need:

Nail base.
Orange enamel.
White enamel.
Dark gray enamel
Light gray enamel.
Black enamel.
Top coat.

Hippo manicure is Very easy to do with this tutorial, follow it step by step and you will see how beautiful your nails are.

1. We give ourselves a layer with the nail base.
2. When it is completely dry we paint with orange enamel. Depending on the brand you use, you will need one or two layers of this color.

3. In the front part of the nail we make a semicircle with dark gray enamel.

4. On top of when the first one is totally dry we make another one. If we see that it looks bad we give it another layer of gray but very finite.

5. We make two small dots that simulate the ears.

5. Finally we make two white circles that are the eyes, on top of two other black ones, below two more black ones and on the ears two others with a more light gray.

And this is the result of the manicure:

What do you think of the hippopotamus manicure ? Do you like easy manicures ? Besitos