Care of Psoriasis in adults with Apliderm

Hello girls!
Today I wanted to tell you about Psoriasis in adults .
Psoriasis is a chronic, relapsing disease of unknown etiology, characterized by uncontrolled growth of the epidermis. They are erythematosquamous, rounded, oval or polycyclic plates of symmetrical topography, also affects the nails and joints.
This disease affects 1.4% of the population. When it reaches levels grabes, can have an important negative impact on the physical and mental well-being.
For this I recommend the following products of dermoesteticadelsur :
Medigel bath oil and shower:
b> is a moisturizing hygiene product, developed for the cleaning and care of sensitive and alipic skin, even in childhood and old age. I have been using it and it leaves the skin very hydrated.
Medigel bath and shower oil
Tersoskin hand cream: is a cream that protects, moisturizes and does not oil. I get along very well with her, because in addition to being very light leaves your hands hydrated and has a nice smell and you know that no matter how good a product like it smells bad I can not handle it.
Tersoskin hand cream
Medigel cream: is a fluid, keratoregulatory emulsion, containing 12% Ammonium Lactate, a molecule accepted by the FDA for ichthyosis, xerosis and pruritus associated with these processes as adjuvant treatment, producing rapid relief of pruritus and the sensation of tightness.
It is absorbed quickly and its size is 250 ml.
medigel cream
You can find all these products in DERMOESTETICA DEL SUR a Spanish company where you can find many sections:
- Division apliderm (clinical dermatology)
- Division biocare (pediatrics)
- Division dermakosmetic (aesthetic dermatology)
- Division vetalderma (Gynecology)
- Newpharma division (Natural health products)
- Biomicro division (Biological and biological analysis)
- R & D division ideas (R + D development)
Industrial division (Manufacturing and distribution)

All the products as I told you before are bought in pharmacies and parapharmacies and are ideal for psoriasis care in adults .

What do you think about the products of apliderm cosmetics ? Kisses