Hello girls!
Today I wanted to tell you about the brand of feminine cosmetics byly, brand I mostly knew for its deodorants but who also sell, wax, hand creams, body milk ... for now you also have tricks for girls.

The philosophy of Laboratories Byly, a company With more than 50 years of experience in the field of hygiene and skin care, it is based on creating innovative products of the highest quality designed to meet the needs of its consumers.

This mission has its basis in the essence of nature; therefore, the most natural ingredients are selected to achieve maximum efficiency and well-being in its range of deodorants, waxing, care of the feet and hands.

Of this brand of feminine cosmetics I usually use several products that I always find in the super to which I go. Of the things that most often use are deodorants because they are cheap and last a long time. The deodorant promises to endure 48 hours, I do not know, because as you can imagine I shower every day and at the most I wear it 24 hours.

My opinion about the deodorant byly:

I like it because it leaves no residue on the skin and also has no smell. Right now I prefer deodorizers without odor because I get the feeling that if it has an odor it mixes with the perfume.

As for the chocolate wax bands, I use them on my legs, it leaves them very soft . Although these bands only recommend them to use in that area, since in other places they do not do anything because they are very soft and the strongest hair does not pull it up by the roots.

That's what I really like that they are ecological, is something that today seems very important.

This brand has now taken an app called TRICKS BYLY APP , is an application that was born with the aim of being within reach of all and to be able to consult in any place the hundreds of homemade tricks, tricks for girls ... economic and effective to solve domestic and daily situations.

What can we find in the trick app byly?

- Filter by categories (smell, cleanliness, health, beauty, leisure) , travel, home and savings) and by keywords.
- Find videos and photos of best tips at all times.
-Share your trick s favorites with your friends.
- Library with hundreds of tricks that emerge from the collaboration of the brand's fans through the page Facebook.

So if you want a special trick, you can comment on it through your facebook page.

As you can see it is a very useful and easy to use application, you can download it here:
It is an application that can take us from more than a rush, trifle and proof, if you do not like it, it takes no time to erase it, it's free.
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What do you think of the application byly? Did you know her?