Raffle won

Hello girls!
A few days ago I won a raffle on Alba's blog " DATE A BROCHAZO " (I recommend it that you pass by his blog) and today I come to show you the gifts. Everything came in this cute little box that I'm using as a jeweler.

And inside these 3 cute bracelets came the one I like the most is braids that since I was I arrived, I did not take it off. The other two I'm going to use, but now I'm using the other one that has become my favorite.

De feminine cosmetics , I received all these things:

- iherb's lip balm , finally I try something of iherb. The little bit that I have tried it, I liked it very much, it leaves the lips very hydrated.

- Clear Top coat of Mua , many of you know that I am looking for my favorite top coat but still not I have found it if it is this.

- Eyeliner Gel Fashionistas , dark green with sparkles comes with a built-in brush that is a wonder. I've already used it several times and I love how pretty it looks.

- NYX Labial - TEA ROSE , it is very creamy and its color is mine, wearable for every day. This brand of lipstick is my favorite because they are low cost and being so creamy I can not resist them. They also have a lot of layered on the lip.

- Fashionista ​​b> - Rouge - Flush, a rouge pink stick that I have already tried and it looks very good at least in my white skin.Kisses