Galatea, handmade soaps

Hello girls!
In all beauty blog you can not miss the articles talking about handmade soaps, because they are products that sooner or later all women use. For this reason today I am going to tell you about the handmade soaps of Galatea , this company is born of the longing and the attachment towards the natural, the manual, the artisan, the intimate and individual, at the same time collective, and towards creativity.

What can we find in Galatea soaps?

In Galatea soaps , you can find a wide variety of soaps with vegetable raw materials and with aromas, shapes, colors, and various incrustations suitable for any event or date.
They are perfect for a present.

What are my Galatea soaps?

Oil soap: Following the craft tradition, these soaps are made by a long and careful cold process, allowing you to enjoy the properties and basic qualities of the oil and which result in a sweet, juicy and moisturizing soap . Its main components are only three: virgin olive oil, caustic soda and mineral water.
From this and adding many additives aromatic plants, clays, fruits, butter, milk, various oils, essences, etc., will turn the final result into a quality product, away from chemicals prepared industrially.

My opinion about this Galatea soap :

I like this soap because normally all of them leave my skin dry after using it, but not this one. This fits my skin.

Glycerin soap; is a neutral soap that gets rid of impurities without being aggressive. In general it is used for oily skin, because it tends to close the sebaceous glands, it is suitable for skins with acne, pimples, pimples, fat, etc.
But, at the same time, it is also suitable for fine and sensitive skins, which will help to reaffirm and maintain them, in the best conditions, since in its preparation we add additives, essences and extracts that provide therapeutic values, in addition to aromas and properties. It is biodegradable and has deodorant effects.

My opinion about this Galatea handmade soap:

My skin is oily so there could not be a handmade soap better for me. I've noticed that I get less black spots and it's a good thing because I hate them to death.

No doubt a place where I recommend buying, I think they are ideal to give us a treat or make a gift. They have that artisan touch that makes them special, as well as you know everything the artisan goes with affection and you can ask for more personalized things than in large surfaces.

What do you think of the handmade soaps from galatea ? Kisses