Hello girls!
I recently ordered a ebay case for my mobile phone motorola motoluxe , but the seller got confused and sent me a different model also motorola motoluxe but that was not the same, because it was an older model.
But nothing happens and fix it, the new one is the prettiest haha ​​the one with glitter and the single rose is an old one that it had, and that the "leather" was already quite broken.

1. We take the 2 covers.

2. Take off the plastic of the case, taking care not to break it.

3. Now we simply make the change and the plastic of the old sleeve in this case the black paste it in the new one.

And now I have my phone case ready .

It has been a little bit botched but the truth is that I am very happy with it if I do not say it nobody knows that I have modified it "Hehe where is not the money that is the brain haha, has it ever happened to you?
Am I customizing mobile phone cases ? Besitos